“From the perfume capital of India, spreading happiness – Blossoming Fragrances”

That’s right! We are from Kannauj. The very own Indian perfumery town from thousands of years. Established as Flower Perfume Manufacturing Company since 1949, we are one-stop resource point for entrepreneurs and manufacturers in cosmetics, fragrance, flavor, personal and home care industry pan India. With a clear vision to cater clients with the blissful aromas, premium base products and finest raw materials as per their requisitions, we formulate myriad of fascinating fragrances. To boot, FPMC extends complete support to its clients to form their own scented products. Our philosophy is to create magic, spread happiness and radiate success. Following this, today we are delighting customers across the nation and sooner our fragrances will be travelling around the globe.


Mr.Arpit Gupta (+919839282828) & Mr. Abhay Gupta (+91 9415147033)