Champa Attar is extracted from very beautiful flower that ids also known as Champaca (Michelia champaca). From Indian Origin, the flower is of rare species and only found in India and is a replica for Romance for its sweet smelling & aphrodisiac fragrance.



Champa Attar is useful in treating of gonorrhea as well as in renal diseases. Other than this, it is also used for diseases of head, sub-acute rheumatism, headache, vertigo, gout and other ailments.The Champa Attar is extracted from the very beautiful flower also known as Champaca (Michelia champaca), of Indian Origin. Being high in therapeutic effects, the Champa Attar, is useful in treating gonorrhea, Renal Diseases, Diseases of Head, Headache, Sub-acute rheumatism, Vertigo, Gout, etc.

Champa oil acts as a very powerful aphrodisiac, very appealing to romantic feelings. champa absolute is a rare material, commonly co-distilled with sandalwood as an attar, and available as a medicated oil. Steam-distilled essential oil is rare, costly, and unfortunately does not well represent the flower`s smell. All forms of production are known for the sweet floral smell. Commonly grown in India, champa is frequently adulterated with, and many poor imitations are offered on the market. It is also useful for irritated skin. Champa can be used for diffuser and as massage oil effectively.


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