Gulab attar is prepared from the fresh and selected flower of rose. It is prepared on sandal wood oil and base oil.The Gulab attar (Rose oil) is broadly used in aromatherapy techniques to treat the problems like stress, anxiety, mental tension and depression. Moreover, it is also used in manufacturing of skin care products due to its skin friendly properties.



The Gulab attar (Rose oil) is prepared by using the complex Hydro-distillation process from the fresh petals of rose flowers. In order to obtain little amount of gulab attar (Rose oil), large quantity of petals of rose flower is required to be extracted through the traditional means which makes it very costly. It is scientifically known as Rosa Damascena and is found to be originated in India and Bulgaria. Due to its unique and highly sensuous fragrance, this attar is one of the most sought after perfume oils since ancient times.


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