Gulhina attar is an ancient attar distillation that takes 14 days to complete.  One person describes it as a “good combination of roses, chocolate, and good cigars”.

This narcotic scent perfumes the African and Indian deserts.  It is virtually unknown in the west.  It is worn by both men and women alike.



Gulhina Attar has been used to rub into the skin for improving the complexion.  It is also effective for massaging tired muscles, to relieve pain and fatigue.In natural perfumery, gulhina attar is used in sacred blends, incenses, and floral perfumes, and most often as a perfume on its own. This attar has been in use since 1500 BCE.  It was known to be the favorite scent of the prophet Mohammed.

It is sold by street vendors in Damascus, and Cairo, where it is referred to as the odor of Paradise.  For an unusual, beautiful deep and rich perfume oil, gulhina attar has no comparison. As all of our attars, 100% pure gulhina attar contains no additives of any kind.


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