Hina Attar is prepared by hydro distillation method from Mehndi flower. This attar is prepared using base of Pure Sandalwood oil and has a balancing smell of both Heena & Indian Sandalwood oil. It has tenacity of approximately 12 hours. As we use natural source to prepare Gul Henna attar, this is available in form of uncut, long lasting, alcohol free and high grade essence oil.



It can be used as a flavouring agent as well as a base material for perfumery products. This attar is used in preparation of perfume for both men and women. Its pure constitution also makes it excellent for aromatherapy based applications.
1.    Traditional process of extraction is adopted to obtain this essential oil as it help to retain all of the beneficial properties of this attar.
2.    Saffron is also used for the formulation of this attar oil due to which the cost of this attar gets increases also with the therapeutic properties of it.
3.    From one of the other three stigmas this attar oil is extracted with the help of the saffron.
4.    Sandalwood oil is also used as a base agent for the preparation of this attar.
5.    Steam distillation process is adopted to procure this attar oil.
6.    Since the ancient period of times, this attar oil is used widely due to the medicinal properties related with the use of it and it is also used as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of the food.
7.    Due to its strong therapeutic properties, this attar oil is widely used across the world to treat various health related ailments.
8.    This attar oil is also considered as one of the best medicine for the treatment of low libido, as the usage of this attar oil also helps to improve the sexual drive. It proves to be very beneficial in bridging the gap between the relations of a couple.
9.    Various mind related disorders can also be treated with the simple application of this attar.


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