Extracted through steam distillation process from the flower part of the plant, Kewda Attar offered is well known & recognized for its sweet scent as well as essence that come directly from the Kewda flower. It finds wide usage in skin care formulations as well as in aromatherapy based applications




Kewra attar is extracted from the Kewra flower through the steam distillation process. In extraction method, only fresh kewra flower is used to avoid the loss of fragrance as it loses its aroma very quickly. Kewra tree is a small tree mainly found in the forest or coastal region of India and is also known as screw pine and screw tree. It is most popular for its sweet honey like aroma and essence that comes from the kewra flower. Kewra attar is prepared on the base of sandalwood and it is absolutely intoxicating.

Due to its amazing sweet fragrance, it is widely used in aromatherapy based applications and skin care formulation. It is also used in food as flavoring agent. In perfume industry, it is used as a base note in the production of many different perfumes. Due to its strong fragrance, it is also widely used in the tobacco industry for getting unique flavor.

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