Moulshree Attar has an exotic fragrance with rich wood, earth and spicy notes. Pure and natural, this attar is prepared by the traditional method. Moulshree attar is an important attar used in various perfumeries. Moulshree Attar finds utility with a variety of natural perfume oils together with large scale utility in the composition of perfumes. Moulshree has in its composition various amounts of carrier oil and Sandalwood Oil that makes it ideal for skin care.



Moulshree Attar has an exotic fragrance that features rich wood, earth & spicy notes. Pure and natural, the attar is prepared by traditional method and finds extensive usage in the perfumery industry. Blending well with Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, it also finds application as natural perfume oil.Moulshree Attar is used with natural perfume oil and finds large scale usage in the making of perfumes. Having Carrier Oil and Sandalwood Oil as its constituents, the derived perfume oil is also used in aromatherapy based applications.

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