The Mukhallat Attar is a unique blend of four different Indian attars. It is earthy, sweet, refreshing and woodsy at the same time, but what makes it really wonderful is the balance between the four fragrances. A captivating fragrance that continues to haunt long after it’s been sprayed.



We are manufacturer of Mukhallat Attar etc.This attar oil mixes well with sandalwood, rose and other essential oils.

1.    Traditional and organic process of extraction is adopted to obtain this attar oil.
2.    Natural process of extraction is adopted as it helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of this attar.
3.    This attar oil is composed with the help of the rose petals and there is no any harmful chemical or alcohol is used in the formation of this attar.
4.    Mukhallat is an Arabic word and this attar oil is mostly used by the Muslims as it is free from any harmful chemical. They use to wear this attar oil on neck, wrists and different parts of the body.
5.    Due to its therapeutic properties, this attar roll on perfume is also used in the aromatherapy sessions to treat health related troubles.
6.    It is also considered as a mood elevator as it helps in uplifting the mood.
7.    It helps to keep the mind cool and calm.
8.    This attar perfume roll on is popularly known due to its long lasting and amazing fragrance.
9.    It is also used in the formulation of cosmetic products due to its skin friendly nature.


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