Jasminum sambac essential oil, known as “Ruh Motia” in India, is produced by hydro distillation in copper vessels in the traditional way in North India.It is an  light amber colored liquid displaying an immensely rich, warm, exotic, sweet floral bouquet with a complex balsamic, fruity, tea-like undertone of good tenacity.



Ruh Bela (It is a Hindi word Bela which means jasmine, Ruh – Soul) is made by using Hydro distillation of Jasmine Sambac (North Indian Variety) , It is 100% true essence of jasmine flower and currently becoming vary popular in skin care and pharmaceuticals due to its superb therapeutic properties. Practitioners have more confidence on this product because there is no pesticide used for protection from insects,as Bela ( also called Motia) is half yearly flower, 6 months period ,from April to September. The South Indian Mogra (Jasminum Sambac) have 4 petals, in opposite North Indian Bela or Motia (Jasminum Sambac) have 8 Petals and great unique smell too. Very light and sweet , not very green note like South Indian Jasmine.


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